Staffing based on skills and ambition

Fully inclusive matching process

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Connect to motivated professionals

Skilleon connects high talented (young) professionals to your industrial projects. Skilleon Professionals have verified project experience, expertise and ambition.

Skilleon is no recruiter and we don't 'place candidates'. We ask professionals to choose which next job they like. Intrinsic motivated people are more ambitious and stay longer with your team.

The Skilleon platform can be used by company recruiters, hiring managers and HR department for staffing based on skills and ambition.

staffing process

Skilleon is the ultimate platform for connecting highly talented and motivated professionals to your industrial projects. Our network of Skilleon Professionals are carefully selected based on their verified project experience, expertise, and unwavering ambition.

Unlike traditional recruiters, Skilleon does not simply "place candidates" in your organization. Instead, we empower professionals to choose the next job that aligns with their aspirations. By attracting and engaging intrinsically motivated individuals, we ensure that your team is filled with ambitious professionals who are committed for the long term.

Whether you are a company recruiter, hiring manager, or part of the HR department, the Skilleon platform is your go-to tool for staffing based on skills and ambition. With our comprehensive database of exceptional professionals, you can easily find the perfect fit for your projects, ensuring success and growth for your organization.

Join Skilleon today and experience the power of connecting with motivated professionals who are ready to take your industrial projects to new heights.

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Show your complete job, with all ins-and-outs

What kind of projects do you have? Who's in the team? What Skills do you need? What Skills can be taught? What's the impact of your project? What's the impact of the job you are offering?

Get your Skilleon Vacancy Page (Example) and show talented professionals their future job at your company.

Don't advertise just your vacancy, but..

..Advertise your project

Nowadays highly talented people aren't applying for a job that last 40 years and ends with a golden watch. Professionals choose the job that match their ambition for the next 5 years. Therefore, @Skilleon, we promote jobs, exactly as they are; Fully Exposed with all The insights our professionals need to know.

We match the skills of your new colleagues to skills of existing teams and project needs. 

We connect you with inrinsic motivated candidates for your team.

The right person @the right team @the right time

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Within 2 hours you are setup and ready

Step 1

Create your team(s)

What key roles and main skills do you need for your team? Together with a Skilleon consultant, you define  the roles and main skills of your internal and external employees. We take care of the rest.

Skilleon has already transferred > 1,500 technical company roles into thousands of relevant skills sets.

Step 2

Find people for your team, with ease

Who is in house, and available? Who can I add through my Skilleon database? Who should I reach out to, externally?

Get Full insights of your staffing processes and share them, between HR, the hiring managers and your external recruiters.


Step 3

Overview of your team

On Availabilty, on Budget and on necessary Skills sets, in (all) your team(s).

Your full overview, how to grow business, happiness and succes, with the right people.

'It's All About People"

Start building your own database

All professionals that want to connect with your company will be added to your database. 

We are re-inventing project staffing with skills and ambition. You can stay in  contact for future opportunities, projects or job openings.

Motivated teams deliver great results

Project staffing 2.0 

It is known: inefficient project teams cause project-overruns in time and budget. The likelihood of great project performance improves substantially when project roles are fulfilled by suited professionals with relevant experience and expertise. 

The Skilleon Connection Portal ensures you meet only those candidates that match your criteria. Stop wasting time reading through lengthy CV's in search of the right key-words and start meeting motivated professionals, you want to work with.

It's always about people.



Your (project) team at your fingertips

Your own professional (flex)pool

Create your own (flex)pool database by bookmarking preferred and trusted Project Professionals for future quick-find. Or even create dedicated groups per function or per project.

All in all, if you like working with someone or had a great experience, you can have them within reach.

All Skilleon professionals have completed their Skilleon Passport.

Search and Match Staffing for Projects

Build your own personalized network of (flex)pool professionals by saving your preferred and trusted Project Professionals in a comprehensive and organized database. With the option to create dedicated groups based on specific functions or projects, you can easily access the right expertise whenever you need it.

Whether you have collaborated with someone in the past and value their work, or if you have had a remarkable experience with a particular professional, you can keep them within reach at all times. This ensures that you have a reliable and efficient team at your fingertips whenever you require their skills and expertise.

At Skilleon, we prioritize the quality and professionalism of our experts. All Skilleon professionals have completed their Skilleon Passport, guaranteeing their competence and dedication to delivering exceptional results. With our platform, you can confidently connect with skilled professionals who have successfully passed our rigorous assessment process.

Expand your network, enhance your productivity, and create lasting professional relationships with our flexible and reliable (flex)pool of Project Professionals. Join Skilleon today and take control of your team's success.

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Planning for success

Advance booking

Having key-positions ready at the start of a project dramatically increases the chances of project success.

Advance booking allows you to book and secure professionals ahead of time and retain them until there is certainty on the project go-ahead.

Advance booking Skilleon