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Where elese can you be found on your ambition? There are many projects in the market that are perfect for your location, experience or skills – you just don't know about them. With Skilleon we have projects and employers find you, based on your wishes and personal and unique background.

It's always your choice to accept an interview or project assignment, we just make projects come your way.

Skilleon connects you with projects that match your skills, experience and ambitions. The perfect fit. For your future.

Skilleon Freelance Projects Worldwide

Are you looking to showcase your ambition and uncover exciting opportunities? In today's competitive market, there are countless projects that align perfectly with your location, experience, and skills. However, these exceptional opportunities often remain unnoticed and untapped. This is where Skilleon steps in as your ultimate solution. Our innovative platform serves as a dynamic bridge, connecting you with a diverse range of projects and employers who actively seek professionals like you, based on your specific desires and unique background.

Skilleon empowers these projects to effortlessly find their way to you, granting you unparalleled control over your professional journey. We understand that your skills, experience, and ambitions are unique, and we are committed to linking you with the ideal projects that will shape your future. With Skilleon, you gain access to an entire world of possibilities, propelling your career to unprecedented heights.

We believe that the decision to accept an interview or project assignment should always be yours. We simply make it easier for projects to come your way by providing a seamless and efficient platform. Skilleon is your gateway to discovering the perfect fit for your future. Let us connect you with projects that match your skills, experience, and ambitions, creating the perfect synergy for your professional growth.

Unleash your potential and unlock a world of opportunities with Skilleon. Join our platform today and embark on a journey towards a successful and fulfilling career.

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Matching your skills with great projects

Projects that finds you is the new normal

At Skilleon, we match your skills, experience and your personal ambition to exciting new projects, in the engineering and construction industry, around the world.

Match on required project experience and skills for project companies, by setting up your personal Skilleon Passport.

Your next job may just be the start for your future. You make the decision.


Plan your future in advance

No more job acquisition

With Skilleon, suitable project jobs will book you for the next year(s) based on your availability and experience. Work directly for project owners. As a Skilleon member, you're always on the way to your successive job.

Start planning your future, today!

No more job acquisition

With Skilleon, you can take control of your career and plan your future with confidence. Our platform connects you with suitable project jobs that will not only book you for the next year(s), but also take into account your availability and experience. Say goodbye to the hassle of job acquisition and work directly for project owners who value your skills.

As a Skilleon member, you are always on the way to your successive job. Our innovative platform ensures that you are constantly connected to new opportunities that align with your expertise and goals. Whether you are a freelancer looking for long-term projects or a professional seeking stability, Skilleon has got you covered.

Imagine having your future secured, knowing that you have a steady stream of projects lined up for the coming years. No more uncertainty, no more endless job searching. With Skilleon, you can focus on doing what you love and excel in your field, while we take care of finding the perfect projects for you.

Don't wait any longer to start planning your future. Join Skilleon today and discover a world of endless possibilities and success. Take the leap and experience the freedom and flexibility that comes with being a Skilleon member. Your dream career is just a click away.

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Take control of your future

We make ambitions come true

You want to grow your career, move up in life, and find the path that leads you forward. You want to control it, like the professional you are.

What if industry leading companies can give you this opportunity? And all you have to do is show them your skills and experience and let them know your ambition?

You will be surprised what offers you will get, that you didn't came up for yourself.

We make ambitions come true

Fitting in perfectly

Get your Skilleon Passport

By setting up your Skilleon Passport, not only will you get deeper insights into your opportunities, but your future clients will too. Your skills and ambition will find their way into exciting new projects you didn't know existed. Let your Skilleon Passport boost your career and speak for itself, and eliminate the cumbersome acquisition processes.

One page resume summary

One page resume summary

Experience overview

Experience overview

Skills and Domains

Skills and domains

Rate and planning

Rate and planning

Project example

Project example

Project Skills

Project skills example

Project overview

Project overview

Let exciting projects find you

Create and control your own success

Once you have experienced working on a tailor-made project in a great team, you know and feel that 'just doing your job' is no longer an option. Instead, you can flourish in a new environment that brings out your best.

Create your own success

Why do you need a Skill Passport?

Dynamic resume

Leading companies with exciting, high-profile projects will ask you to see your Skilleon Passport to see what you can achieve. The Passport is a dynamic resume showing your skills, training, and learning ability. It will be a helpful tool even for industries you have never worked in before.

Dynamic Resume Skilleon Passport

Leading companies with exciting, high-profile projects will eagerly request to lay eyes on your esteemed Skilleon Passport, as they are genuinely interested in witnessing the extraordinary feats you are capable of achieving. This remarkable Passport serves as a gateway to unlocking endless opportunities, allowing you to showcase your exceptional skills, extensive training, and unwavering passion for growth. With its dynamic and interactive interface, the Skilleon Passport revolutionizes the traditional resume, captivating employers with its visually stunning design and immersive experience. By seamlessly integrating multimedia elements such as videos, portfolios, and testimonials, this innovative passport provides a comprehensive overview of your capabilities, leaving a lasting impression on potential employers.

The sleek interface and user-friendly navigation of the Skilleon Passport ensure a seamless browsing experience, effortlessly guiding employers through your professional journey. Its profound versatility transcends industries, making it an invaluable asset for professionals at all stages of their careers. Whether you are a seasoned expert or a fresh graduate, the Skilleon Passport empowers you to confidently venture into uncharted territories, armed with a powerful tool that showcases your potential in an unparalleled way.

More than just a mere document, the Skilleon Passport is a testament to your determination and ambition. It empowers you to seize remarkable opportunities and transcend the boundaries of your professional journey. With the Skilleon Passport by your side, employers will be captivated by your exceptional abilities, propelling you towards unprecedented success in your chosen career path. Embrace the power of the Skilleon Passport and watch as doors open to a world of endless possibilities.

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Do you want to see what kind of projects are interesting for you? If so, register, remain anonymous, and only make yourself known if you want to take on a project.

At Skilleon, all Professionals will be totally anonymous until they accept an interview request or project assignment. Skilleon provides an inclusive platform, that doesn't discriminates on gender or personal heritage.

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Subscribing to Skilleon

Can everybody join?

No, unfortunately not. Only professionals with verified project experience can join. Do you have relevant project experience in the engineering and construction industry, then join us.

Our process is strictly private, and only you will decide if Skilleon may match your profile with exciting new projects.

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