Frequently Asked Questions

Professionals work with a Skilleon Passport

Who is Skilleon for?

The Skilleon platform is for (freelance) professionals and clients in the construction and engineering industry. Skilleon professionals use the Skilleon platform for orientation for industrial projects, executed by many different companies. Skilleon connects (young) professionals to clients all over the world. 

What Professionals typically join Skilleon?

Skilleon members are motivated professionals who have strong ambitions in life. They have technical backgrounds and project experience in engineering and construction environments.

What kind of contracts does Skilleon offer?

Both salaried professionals (employees) and freelancers can  register with Skilleon. 

Can Skilleon help me become a freelancer?

Yes, you can ask Skilleon to help you get started as a freelancer. When joining Skilleon, it will be strictly private. Nobody will know you are interested in searching for other opportunities. Only when you accept a new job/assignment offer will you be able to share your identity with your new employer/client. You can join Skilleon, without any obligation or personal exposure.

I want to remain an employee, but also use the Skilleon Passport, is that possible?

Yes, that's possible. The Skilleon Passport is entirely yours, and you can also use it for job applications.

What benefits does the Skilleon platform offer me?

Why should I join Skilleon?
  • Skilleon is completely transparent; Our clients and (freelance) professionals have full insight into any matching process.

  • Via Skilleon, you work directly for leading companies.

  • Via Skilleon, you can  plan your future projects or job interviews.

  • You don't have to worry about finding new opportunities in life. 

  • Through Skilleon, you will find work that truly suit you because we optimally match your knowledge, skills, and experience (Skills) with future (project) work.

  • Through Skilleon, you will also be found on your ambitions, to find projects that bring above the best in you

  • Skilleon does not require you to work exclusivity for the platform. You are free to accept or decline any assignments.

  • At Skilleon, we treat everyone the same way. Our matching process is based on Skills and real, verifiable data, not based on curriculum vitae with self-sale pitches.

  • Skilleon specializes in the engineering and construction market and therefore has a clear focus. We understand your background and support your ambitions.

  • Get offers in complete privacy. Nobody knows you are interested in a new challenge. Don't miss out on project work that really matches your life ambitions

(Freelance) Professional fee and rates

What fee do I charge?

You charge the same fee you usually charge. When filling in the hourly rate, we automatically calculate your monthly and yearly rates. You can use different hourly rates for short-term and long-term contracts. You are even allowed to charge a fee for 'being available until the project starts; 'Skilleon Reservation Fee.'

Can you advise me about my asking fee?

Yes, but only based on available data. When there are enough subscribed professionals, with the same skill sets you have, in our database, you will be able to compare rates on a skill set basis. We can't advise you personally about your rate because we believe in the supply and demand market. Skilleon operates as a fully transparent, independent matchmaker. We don't differentiate between our subscribed professionals or our hiring partners.

What fee does the client pay?

The client pays your fee mostly through a broker, and the money will go directly to you. On top of your hourly fee, the client pays a percentage' consultancy fee' for the Skilleon services. Skilleon uses the consultancy fee to further develop the matchmaking software. We strive to build the best platform that brings clients and freelancers together to achieve greatness.

What is an ad hoc fee?

When working on short-term assignments, you can ask for a higher fee than working on long-term projects. This is called an ad hoc fee.

What is the Skilleon Reservation Fee?

Sometimes a project hasn't started yet, but the hiring company wants you to reserve your time for this project. They can reserve your time even though you aren't at work yet. For this time, you deserve to be compensated. Choose the rate you find appropriate to wait for the job to begin. Your Reservation Fee will be added to the second payment check of your assignment.

Can I adjust my fee later on?

Yes, you can always adjust your fee to better suit your circumstances. Login to your Skilleon dashboard occasionally to get better insights if your rate is still in line with comparative professionals.

Are clients allowed to negotiate my' asking fee' after contacting me?

They are allowed to negotiate your fee but within a fair margin. They know your price range when contacting you, so they will be able to see if your services are within their budget.

How do I get paid and by whom?

In most cases, you will be paid by the client's broker, usually within 30 days of invoicing. However, this can differ per client. When the client doesn't have a broker, it is possible to get paid by the brokers Skilleon works with. Before accepting the order, you will receive all information about the broker and the payment method. If you have any questions, you can always contact Skilleon.

Your Personal Skilleon Passport

What is in my Personal Skilleon Passport?

Your Skill Passport contains all information in your curriculum vitae, but it is much more extensive. In the Skill Passport, you show what your real projects have been and what experiences, knowledge, skills, and ambitions you have. It will also include what you can offer to our clients.

What are the main subjects and input fields in the Skilleon Passport?

Besides the basic information you place in your resume, we ask for the following information:

  • What former projects have you work on?
  • What was your project role
  • What skills did you use?
  • Which skills did you use most?
  • What was your place in the project organization?
  • What ambitions do you have?
  • Etc.

 The information you fill in will be listed with many other professionals. This will give you more insights into your career path. It will amaze you what possibilities you have. You maybe didn't even foresee it yourself.


Why is the Skills Passport so extensive?

The better someone indicates what experience he has, combined with what ambitions he pursues. The better Skilleon can provide a match between client and contractor. A good match results in optimal project performance and a prosperous career path. That is our common goal.

What is the big difference with a standard resume?

A standard CV often only states which employers and positions someone has had. It usually does not discuss the work that has actually been performed. That is unfortunate because often, you have done more than is stated on a standard CV. Moreover, a standard CV does not indicate your ambitions in life. Your Skilleon Passport is dynamic and is continuously benchmarked within the industry. Your resume is not.

Isn’t my LinkedIn page not enough?

No, on Linkedin, you can find everyone with unique job titles, which is great, but you don't know exactly what someone can do. Most Clients also recognize this. Endorsements from collogues and friends and 'interesting-sounding job descriptions don't really guide the ideal match you're looking for. Instead, they want to know who you are. This includes what knowledge, skills, experience, and ambition you have. Furthermore, Linkedin isn't made up of former project work but mostly only shows former employers and Job titles.

Completing the Skilleon Passport

How much time do I spend filling out my Skilleon Passport?

You will generally spend less than an hour building a personal Skilleon Passport. This is a small investment of time when considering how many opportunities this can bring for your future career.

Why does Skilleon ask to connect my Linkedin?

We make Linkedin connect to Skilleon just to help you fill out the passport faster. It is a shame to retype all basic information, such as your personal data, employers, and timeline. Skilleon uses this basic information as a start and supplements this with information about who you really are and what you can achieve in the future.

Do I have to add as many skills as possible to my passport?

No, you just need to add the skills that you actually used on your projects. You can also indicate how much you have used each skill during your work. Ultimately, it is important that both you and a future client know as much as possible about you so that you are in the best possible position for the next project. That way, you can excel in your skills and make your ambitions come true.

Why do I have to indicate whether I was satisfied while working on a particular project?

You need to indicate your satisfaction level because the past can affect your future. For instance, you may have been dissatisfied because the team was not a good fit, the project work was not satisfying, or you were very unhappy in a particular environment. Because Skilleon compares this information with many other members and many other projects, we can give you better advice for the future. With the outcome of the advice, you can decide for yourself whether you want to take this into account or not. This personal information won't be visible to anyone else but you.

Will I receive the Skilleon Passport immediately?

Yes, when you have been admitted to Skilleon you will receive the Skilleon passport immediately after filling in your Skills Passport.

Can I contact Skilleon about filling out the Passport?

Yes, of course. We advise you to fill in as much as possible yourself and then call us with your questions or comments. Together we can then walk through any sections you may have questions about.

Will my Skilleon Passport be made public immediately?

No, you always decide, at any time, when your data is made public and for who. You can take the data offline at any time.

What happens if I provide information that is incorrect?

Then there is a good chance that we will remove you from the platform and also deny you access in the future. At Skilleon, we help each other by providing honest data so that both you and the client can work together as best as possible. That is to everyone's advantage. In addition, every Skilleon member has a contract with Skilleon in which they sign a clause stating they will not provide false information.

How does Skilleon match my ambition with new projects?

What does Skilleon mean by ‘Ambitions’?

You can have multiple forms of ambition. You can indicate this at Skilleon. For example, are you interested in learning a new technique? Or do you want to work in another country or industry? Maybe you want to do more or less managerial work? It doesn’t matter what your ambitions are. You can make them known in your profile.

Why are clients interested in my ambitions?

People with ambitions often work harder and more enthusiastically than people who show little ambition. That is, of course, interesting for clients. In addition, the Skilleon clients want to build a good relationship with you, which is more likely when they can consider your wishes and ambitions.

Are ambitions only enough to take on an assignment?

No, the combination of your knowledge, expertise, experience (Skills), and your ambitions makes it interesting for a client to work with you. You don’t have to be able to perform each skill for 100% yet, but you do have to be able to learn and be motivated enough to master new knowledge.

My ambitions do not match my work experience.

That doesn’t have to be a bad thing at all. Precisely because you openly and honestly write down your actual experience and real ambition, you get an idea of whether these will connect (in the near) future. You will sometimes be surprised how easy it is to realize your ambition because you have a better overview of yourself through the Skills Passport.

Can Skilleon help me realize my ambitions?

Yes, we do that by giving you insight into possibilities you may not have envisioned yourself. By comparing your data with many other data sets, insights can arise that are important for your career. It may also become clear that intermediate steps or courses may be needed to get on the path that leads to fulfilling your ambition.

Your agreement, when working with Skilleon

Do I have to agree to the terms and conditions?

Yes, Skilleon works with standard terms and conditions that are the same for all members of Skilleon.

Is the contract with Skilleon based on exclusivity?

No, a registered professional is free to work with whomever he pleases. However, of course, when Skilleon links an assignment or client to a professional, all parties involved must adhere to the arrangements of the project.

Can I use the platform without entering into an agreement?

No, all parties registered with Skilleon have signed and work under the same terms and conditions.

What are the most important parts of my contract with Skilleon?

We will agree at least on the following:

  • When a match is made between client and professional, client and professional work under agreements made with Skilleon.
  • Professionals are required to fill in the Skilleon Passport truthfully.
  • Skilleon receives consultancy compensation for matchmaking, paid by the client, calculated on the value of the assignment (on an hourly basis)
  • All parties are entitled to terminate the framework agreement at any time. The existing agreements about assignment contracts are maintained until the assignment is executed.
Do I also enter into a separate contract with the client?

Yes, after matchmaking and accepting your new assignment, you will be offered an agreement with the client. Every client has their own contract conditions. Skilleon does not influence what they send you. If you receive contract terms from a client that you think are inappropriate, we would like to hear from you so we can discuss this with the client.

Accepting and canceling assignments

Can I take on multiple assignments at the same time?

Yes, but only if it fits into your Skilleon agenda. For example, you can indicate that you are interested in several assignments simultaneously. But as soon as you accept an assignment, this period will be blocked in your Skilleon calendar.

Can the client select multiple professionals for the same position and assignment?

Yes, but within Skilleon the client must indicate within 3 weeks which professional they want to continue with and which conversations will end. Skilleon always asks its clients to explain why they have ended the conversation.

Am I free to cancel assignments?

Yes, you decide which assignment to accept or not. You have 7 days to cancel the order for every order you accept. However, it is better to consider whether or not to accept the assignment in advance.

Privacy and personal exposure
Can I decide who can view my Skilleon Passport?

Yes, you can indicate who can view your data via the personal settings in your dashboard. Then, you will only be visible to the companies that are allowed to view your information.

Is my personal information (your identity) visible to others?

No, only your profile, without personal data, is visible. Only when you are invited by companies, based on your Skill Passport, can you indicate whether they can contact you. Then, you decide when a client can view your identity.

What is the difference between my Personal Information and Non-Personal Information?

Your Personal Information is all information that can be directly traced back to your identity. This includes name and address details, date of birth, passport photo, banking details, tax numbers, Chamber of Commerce information, etc.

 Non-Personal information only concerns data relating to education, work experience, skills used, etcetera. This information is not specifically linked to any personal identity, and your identity is not tracible through Non-Personal Information.

Will my Personal Information be deleted and destroyed when I unsubscribe from Skilleon?

Yes, all Personal Information will be deleted immediately and will no longer be findable. If you decide to unsubscribe, this information can no longer be retrieved! When you want to register again, you will have to re-enter your personal and your Non-Personal information.

Will my Non-Personal information be deleted when I unsubscribe from Skilleon?

No, this information cannot be removed because it is part of the Skilleon measurement method. This information has become generally applicable, also for other Skilleon members. As mentioned before, this Non-personal Information can no longer be linked to your Personal Information in any way.

Can Skilleon customers store my information for other uses?

No, for your Personal Information, you give permission each time that the customer may view it. In addition, the customer signs an agreement in which he acknowledges that your information may not be used in any other way than for entering into an agreement with you via the Skilleon platform.

Type of assignments
In which industries does Skilleon operate?

Skilleon operates within the construction and engineering industry. This means that companies looking for anyone from document controllers to civil engineers can find talent on the platform. The platform was created by professionals from the construction and engineering industry, meaning it was built with the needs and pain-points of clients and freelancers in mind.

What kind of clients are affiliated with Skilleon?

Skilleon has many high-profile clients with large corporations as well as smaller businesses looking for freelancers. We have clients looking to fill various positions including both long-term and short-term jobs.

How long do the assignments via Skilleon take on average?

Assignments often last from 3 months to a year, depending on the type of work. You are free to indicate for how much time you are available. If it concerns a very short assignment, you can indicate that you want to receive a higher hourly wage in the Skilleon Availability tool.

Working internationally
Does Skilleon also offer matchmaking for international assignments?

Yes. Next to local clients and projects, many of our clients are working on international projects and look for freelancers that are willing to either travel or relocate.

For which companies can I work internationally?

For any company that works overseas and finds you based on your ambitions and skillsets to suit their project.

Under which tax system do assignments abroad fall?

This is subject to many elements like your agreement with the client as well as the country and duration of your assignment.

Will my board and lodging expenses be reimbursed for international assignments?

This is subject to your agreement with the client and often subject to whether you are assigned on a fly-in-fly-out bases or a rotation/ relocation assignment.

Will my housing costs be reimbursed abroad?

This is subject to your agreement with the client but often when you are assigned on a rotation/ relocation assignment, this will be offered in addition to your fee.

Can I take my family abroad?

This is subject to your agreement with the client but often when you are assigned on a permanent relocation assignment, this will be possible.

What about visas abroad?

In general, the client that will hire you for an overseas role, will apply for the necessary visa and permits. Obviously, a check on education level, career background and nationality are generally part of the visa procedure.

Insurance and risk
Am I insured if I accept an assignment through Skilleon?

This is subject to your agreement with the client but often when you are assigned on a permanent relocation assignment, this will be included.

What are the biggest risks for me if I work as a freelancer instead of an employee?

The risks are generally the same as long as you insure yourself through your own company just like an employer would do.

Do you still have questions or do you need assistance?
Please schedule a meeting with a Skilleon consultant by clicking here.